The Bardic College of Ealdormere
Call of the Wolf Volume 1 - Popular Songs Edited by Garraed Galbraith

Volume 2 - Memorial Edited by Martin Bildner

Volume 3a - Poetry Edited by Anne Grey

Volume 4 - Our Stories Edited by Colyne Stewart

Volume 5 - Aaron and Rustique's Top Ten Songbook Edited by Uncle J

Volume 6 - Marching to War with Trumbrand and Kaylah Edited by Uncle J

Please Note: All the songs, stories, poems and other content contained within the "Cry of the Wolf" booklet series are the sole possession of their creators and, hence, all are copyright-protected material. We have received express permission to publish these works. Please do not re-publish these songs in any public format without first contacting the individual artists for their permission. You may print a copy for yourself for your own personal enjoyment, that's why this is here. However, you are not permitted to print copies for sale.

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